Lockdown your data. Protect your PC.

Block annoying ads. Stop popups. Protect your data. Stop cross-device trackers from following your every online move. Or simply boost your online security against phishing / dangerous websites with Web Companion.

  • INCLUDES Malware & Malicious URL blocking
  • INCLUDES Always-on Privacy¬†defense
  • INCLUDES Ad-tracking & targeting protection
  • INCLUDES Free Forever. No trials. No Gimmicks.

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Easy, Free, and Secure With Windows

Malware Protection

Antivirus-Grade Protection

Shield yourself with real-time protection against dangerous malware & phishing scams, keeping your computer safe.

Ad blocker

Automatic Ad-Tracker Blocking

Block ad-trackers and data collectors from following your every move when you browse online. Start surfing safely.

Privacy Protection

Get Real About Your Online Privacy

Keep your personal info, search and browsing history private with WebCompanion. Its free, fast and always on when you need it.

Speed up your browser

Your Speed

Blocking ads and malware will speed up your activity and give you peace of mind, ultimately making your computer faster.

Not All Web Security Apps Are Built The Same.

Browser extensions are great but have their limitations. With Web Companion, you experience complete internet freedom as you benefit from all the advantages of a direct download, including a practically tamper proof installation. Fast downloads, intense personal privacy protection and unprecedented safety are just some of the many reasons why millions of people choose Web Companion.

Antivirus Browser Extension
Browser Extension
Browser Guard
Browser Guard
Zone Alarm
Web Secure Free
Total AV
Web Shield
Web Companion
|Malware & Virus Protection
|Privacy & Ad-Tracking protection
|Download protection
|Live Ad Blocking
|Real-time URL Scanning
|Phishing Scam Security
|Free Premium Features
|Secure Desktop Installation
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Browse smarter, faster, and safer

The web isn't always a nice place. Advertisements get in the way, sites can infect your computer with malware, and privacy is practically impossible. But you don't have to be miserable on the web. Web Companion is easy to install and will block the ads, the trackers, the malware--and even the creepy pay-per-click ads that used to follow you around.

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Small on size. Big on protection.

Your ad blocker should be as lightweight as a feather, not a brick! Web Companion is a pretty straight forward ad blocker and privacy tool. You don't even have to do anything other than install it, and then continue to browse the web as you normally would.

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Total app rating 4.9/5

- Excellent